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              You are the visitor to my newly updated page!!!

              New Stuff: French Fry Room Buster, Cunt Punt, Tokez Room Busta!!!!!!                        Send in yo requestz!

My Aol Progz

I am in no way Responsible for what the fuck You do wit These progz Period!!!!

Allright herez a new guarantee. Email me and tell me what u want and if I cant get it up there I'll send you 10 FREE PROGGIEZ!!!!
    Aol proggiez            



Grate Prog my personal      favorite


I Love this progs interface!!



 Fate X has got to be the best on AOL    10

  WuTang Final

 I don't no about this one!Its popular though

   Hot Ice3.0

This is a nice little punter works well!!

AO NIN 98           Server

The Fastest server on AOL!!

HaVoK FiNal

I've Heard this was good! Try it and give me feedback!!


I Like this prog!! Itz brand new, and has a nice interface!!

Wh0rd 2.0

This is my favorite punter!Hit some one wit this and there off for 30min


When it comez to entertainment magenta cant be beat!!!

FiRe TooLz X3.0

I've heard that this is a pws. Not sure though!!

Shroom Punter by 187                        

Never Tried it!!                   

Tools of Destruction 2.0

I Love this one, its kinda old but its a great prog!!

Pentium Punter                       Another I've never seen!! Try it!!! Send me ideas!                    ?                
JaiJen1.2 by CpRide

Great punter but it has some errors

Cherry Scroller by Wood

Nice Scroller!!


Level 9 Macro Shop God I Love this Macro Shop!!! 10
Queso Warez Server I had a request 4 this!! it seemz really good! 9

French Fry Room Busta Workz OK!!! 7
Tokez Room Busta Seemz Good! Ive Heard good things about it 10
CuntPunt Phattt!!Real Nice Punter!! 8 Use this address to send yo commentz Send me ideas Use dis address to send progz u want me 2 put up here                                     


 Prog City A great Prog site. One of my favoritez

  Progworld This is a must visit site for all your prog needz!!!

  HotBot Use this to find all your hacking needz

        AOL Suckz HeHe check this out, Itz pretty kewl

        AOL Proggiez This is a great page!! It has AOL 4.0  Proggiez 2

  CpRide and Dc's Page The makers of Pepsi have set up a page,check it out for new downloads and info!!




Thanx 4 Cummin!!!

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